NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.
Non-Critical Notice

Notice Type:   Capacity Constraint
Effective Start Date/Time:   Jun 11 2019 09:00
Subject:   Update: USJR and EGAT



Meikle River and Woodenhouse Compressor Stations remain offline with out of control fires in the vicinity. While access to Meikle River has been restored, the units remain offline due to the continued threat to our access from nearby fires. Both stations must be returned to service before system capability can increase. Current service authorization levels will remain in effect with no immediate changes required. We will continue to monitor the forest fires and the next update will be provided Tuesday, June 18th or as new information becomes available.

NGTL/FH Daily Operating Plan:

Effective End Date/Time:   Jul 11 2019 09:00
Required Response:   No response required
Response Date/Time:    
Posting Date/Time:   Jun 11 2019 16:34
Contacts:   Dean Murphy (NrG) 4039206165
Notice #:   336128301
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